Fapon Digiwiser Shares How to Empower Drug Development by AI at CAPR 2023

2023-06-14 15:30:14


From May 25 to 26, 2023, the China AI Drug Research and Development Conference (CAPR 2023) was held in Shanghai, and Fapon Digiwiser, a subsidiary of Fapon, made its debut with related scientific research achievements. During the meeting, Professor Ma Buyong, chief scientist of Fapon Digiwiser, shared an academic report entitled “Application of Molecular Simulation and Artificial Intelligence in the Research and Development of Antibody Protein Drugs”, and had in-depth exchanges with colleagues on his new drug model theory.


(Picture: Professor Ma Buyong, founder and chief scientist of Fapon Digiwiser, shared on the spot)


Characteristic model theory, leading the innovation and development of drug research and development

At the conference, Fapon Digiwiser shared the leading drug target theory of “conformational selection mechanism”, which is a major shift from structure-based drug design to dynamic conformation-based drug design, that is, through in-depth understanding and analysis of drug targets and drug conformational changes, combined with biological activity regulation, to achieve drug design and optimization. In addition, Fapon Digiwiser further accurately grasps and regulates the conformational selection of drugs and targets through integrated molecular simulation and artificial intelligence, which is the technological cornerstone of innovative drug research and development, and also an important source to promote its continuous technological innovation.

Diverse Technology Platforms Enable Biopharmaceutical Design

The technology platform for Fapon Digiwiser and biodiversity attracted the attention of a large number of participants. Based on the exploration and accumulation of early scientific research on the combination of protein dynamic conformation and deep learning network, Fapon Digiwiser organisms have gradually built high-efficiency biopharmaceutical research and development platforms, such as protease design platform, virtual antibody screening platform, protein engineering platform and new drug platform. It covers the functional requirements of drug target discovery, biochemical drug molecular screening, protein and nucleic acid engineering, and drug safety prediction.。

Integrating biophysics and artificial intelligence technology, Fapon Digiwiser will develop applications around the field of health care. Based on the promotion of biological drug research and development by artificial intelligence, it gradually covers drug research and development, medical image processing and Diagnostics, intelligent nursing and other fields, and innovatively uses artificial intelligence platform to enable new drug design based on dynamic conformation, which adds more new possibilities to the field of Biopharma.


It is understood that the conference aims to arouse the thinking on how to better develop and apply artificial intelligence in the Biopharma industry through the concentrated speeches and discussions of more than 50 representative experts and dozens of application cases in the industry, and to explore the most suitable development path of artificial intelligence in the Biopharma industry in the exchange and collision of views.


(The picture shows that Professor Ma Buyong participated in the round-table discussion.)

Since its inception, Fapon Digiwiser has focused on the research and development of intelligent Biopharma technology, devoted itself to providing high-quality drugs, Diagnostics and nursing services for patients around the world, and precipitated core competitiveness in the process of continuous innovation and research and development. In the future, Fapon Digiwiser will adhere to the development concept of “leading the future, seeking truth and innovation, integrating knowledge and practice, and win-win cooperation”, continue to insight into industry trends, effectively promote product development and technological innovation, and contribute to the promotion of technological development in the Biopharma industry and the benefit of human health.



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