Dynamic conformations
for biologic designs

Conformational Selection is an industry-leading theory for drug development proposed by Fapon Digiwiser’s Founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Buyong MA. By thoroughly analyzing drug targets and the conformational changes of biological molecules, combined with the regulation of biological activities, we design better biologics. Integrating molecular simulation and AI technologies to understand and regulate the conformational selection of drug molecules and their targets forms the cornerstone of Fapon Digiwiser’s innovative drug development process. This approach is a key driver of our technology innovation.

Core technologies

We use HPC and AI to drive the development of biologics including therapeutic antibodies, polypeptide antibiotics, and nucleic acids, in addition to protease optimization.

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Featured technologies

Drug design: from a structure-based approach to a conformation-based approach.

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Platforms and cases

Using AI and molecular simulation for the design and regulation of biomacromolecules: deciphering the sequences, structures, and functions of proteins and nucleic acids.

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Company news

Fapon Digiwiser Shares How to Empower Drug Development by AI at CAPR 2023

A New Horizon for AI-powered Drug Development: the Conformational Selection Theo

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